Come to see the whales

Hop on board of our two partnership boats to see the biggest mammal on the Earth. The Humpback whales come each year to our bay area, looking for warm waters where they can mate and raise their babies.  They can be observed jumping on the top of the water, males are fighting for a female, couples are formed and start swimming together, later small baby-whales appear in the waters.


All the show starts in early December and runs by the end of February.


If you are lucky (being there is the first step to prove you lucky), your boat escort will be the wild dolphins, which would love to come on board for a snack and chat. 


Our boats have all needed certificates and an experienced crew. Soft drinks, water and snacks are offered on boat, altogether with an incredible marine biologist, happening to be our tour guide. 


We accept single and group reservations.


Departure point: The port of La Marina Puerto Vallarta. You get there by public transportation, you get off the bus at Casino Real, cross the boulevard, you pay the entrance of the point and our guide will take you from there. 


Come and take your perfect photos. The ones below are ours and we bet you can do better than us.